Exquisite and sublime, this smooth scrolling design hits all the right notes. Your clients will love it, just as you do!
Our Design Notes
One of our favorites – this design was so fun to make, and so fun to use, that we had to convince ourselves to release it to the public!

The Connoisseur design, like it’s namesake, is for companions who can appreciate a finely-structured and elegant layout. Pages snap sharply into focus, and a unique 3-column design allows for efficient presentation of information. This design never taking it’s eyes off the prize – allowing an interplay of elements and everything equal opportunity to shine.

Even though the menu is light-themed, it goes well with any sort of photos, as the design is a perfect balance of light and dark elements.

  • Standard pages (Home, About, Gallery, Rates & Services, Bookings)
  • Flowing pages that scroll quickly when the menu is clicked
  • Unique three-tiered page structure allows for your text, a hero image, and menu, to be all on the same page.
  • Structured grid gallery for your photos
More Information
Available to: Basic, Professional Package
Mobile Friendly: Yes
WordPress Compatible: No
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