Simplicity and elegance, with a beautiful twist in the menu structure and page presentations.
Our Design Notes

It is no secret that we are believers in elegant designs (more isn’t always better!) The Milano layout encapsulates this philosophy perfectly, with a lot of small touches coming together to craft a flowing site that’s a delight to browse.

With wide spaces, vibrant imagery, careful choice of cursive lettering, and an innovative “mural-like” main menu, this is a beautiful design that is en route to becoming a Paramour classic!

  • Standard pages (Home, About, Gallery, Rates & Services, Bookings)
  • Home fullscreen slideshow that cycles through your favorite photos
  • Unique popup main menu in a beautiful mural format, against the backdrop of your portrait image
  • Layered page presentation, but also intuitively easy to navigate
  • Extra information popup at lower right corner that reminds visitors how they can get in touch
More Information
Available to: Basic, Professional Package
Mobile Friendly: Yes
WordPress Compatible: No
Launch Demo

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