Another avant-garde design that shows off some good old-fashion Hollywood glamour.
Our Design Notes
Vesper was originally codenamed “Hollywood Starlet” while in development (it just gave off that vibe!). Even though we have since renamed it “Vesper”, we are still surprised by the number of people who praised it’s visuals and “vintage yet modern” look. The sliding window panes open up to reveal more information, and the layout provides additional focus on your photos and makes each one count. Irresistible.

  • Standard pages (Home, About, Rates & Services, Gallery, Bookings) – additional panes not possible due to the design layout
  • Sliding “French window” style transitions
  • Perfect for companions not good at writing a lot of text content. This design is great at covering this by focusing on other aspects.
More Information
Available to: Basic, Professional Package
Mobile Friendly: Yes
WordPress Compatible: No

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