Charming, savvy and beautiful... decadent, bespoke arrangements for the indulgent connoisseur.



Stunning Exclusive Seattle-based Companion

About Vesper.

Vesper strives to uphold and perfect the traditional duties of a true Courtesan. She caters to a clientele who seek much more than a typical 'erotic outcall service'. Her personal focus rises above and beyond the mere carnal satisfaction of her clients, her ultimate goal being that her clients leave feeling emotionally fulfilled and profoundly restored. Rest assured, however, that she is an exceptionally skilled lover, with an extremely open minded approach to the needs of others.

Vesper specializes in decadent, bespoke arrangements for the indulgent connoisseur. Private consultations can be conducted via email or telephone call, through which the appointment preferences and pricing will be determined. Each detail is negotiable: You may have a particular bottle of red that you just can't do without. If you're a Game of Thrones fan, Vesper can bring the box set. If you find conversations about the life cycles of the Sea Pig fascinating, a spot of research and she will be mad for them too!

Classically beautiful, Vesper's sultry physique has not been modified by unnatural enhancements: with her creamy skin, deep blue eyes, luxurious flowing red hair, and beguiling smile, Vesper's physical qualities are truly unique, refreshing and genuine. Demure, graceful, insightful beyond her 21 years, Vesper carries an air of sophistication wherever she goes.

Vesper's knowledge of and great appreciation for Seattle culture, politics, sport and social discourse comes naturally to her. An vivacious conversationalist, she is open minded, engaging, and articulate in her expression. Equally eager to have her own views challenged, her true love is to listen to, explore and learn from others. She understands that great conversation is often the primary footing to an enthralling relationship. Her passionate, understanding and genuinely kind nature, juxtaposed with rye wit, infectious confidence and an adventurous spirit ensure that Vesper is the perfect companion for those who seek an uplifting, supportive and romantic appointment.


You can be certain of unforgettable memories.


  • Girlfriend Experience
  • Pornstar Experience
  • Couple's Playmate
  • Extended Travel
  • Social Companionship

As stirring as it may be to peruse my full list of intimate services, whetting one’s appetite, and setting one’s imagination alight… publically providing such materials would not only stain my dignity (and your browser history), it would betray the high level of discretion which I employ to preserve the dignity of our engagements.. Please enquire privately instead.


1 hour ... $800
2 hour ... $1,400
3 hour ... $2,000
4 hour ... $2,500

Couple's Package: It is always important to switch things up in the bedroom to keep it interesting. That's why I am proud to offer a special package for the experimental couple looking for something different and fun! Please enquire for rates.

Overnight Package: Why let the fun stop with a curfew? Spend the night with me and let the party go on till late! Advance arrangements must be made. Please enquire for rates.


A selection of some naughty photos for your viewing.


Let me help you get ready for your hot date.


Please address all initial enquiries to through either phone or email (details below). At least 24-48 hours notice is preferred, and more so for services which require specific products and/or costumes to be acquired.

Email ...
Phone ... +44 868123456

Please also note basic etiquette rules below expected of my clients:

  1. All new friends must be verified, no exceptions. I will never compromise my safety, or yours for any reason.
  2. Booking in advance is strongly encouraged so we can plan our time together accordingly.
  3. The preferred minimum is 2 hours as this gives us sufficient time to get to know each other.
  4. Please respect my time and I will do the same for you. ~If for some reason you are delayed or simply running behind, please contact me and let me know. I will also grant you the same courtesy.
  5. Be prepared to show I.D. Your ID must match the name given on booking form!
  6. Cash is the only accepted form of payment. Please leave donation in envelope on bathroom counter. There will be no discussion of donation. If you would like to extend, please have donation ready beforehand.
  7. Chivalry goes a long way with me. I always recognize small gestures and show my appreciation in many ways.