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Who We Are

Introducing The Team

Specialists in high class escort web design & marketing, trusted by elite providers worldwide.

Founded in the city of Melbourne (the cultural capital of Australia and also famous for great coffee), Paramour Designs is recognized as one of the top escort design agencies today. We specialize in high-quality web design & marketing solutions to escorts, models and agencies worldwide. Known for our bold and stunning aesthetics, we have helped companions from every level – from new providers to some of the top VIP courtesans around the world to grow their escort brands.

The Changing Role of Escort Websites

The Top Escorts Understand the Role of Personal Branding

These days, posting advertisements on escort directories and dodgy Backpage-like websites is no longer sufficient (for companions having to deal with US legislations, this might not even be an option anymore). As any experienced escort will know, repeat clients are best for business. However, the escort industry has adapted to the Internet at such a rapid pace that independent escorts are now calling the shots. With all the new faces and constant competition, it now requires careful building of your escort brand to ensure that your valued customers will keep calling your number still. To do this, having your own personal escort website is becoming just as important as your service quality to your clients. And we are not just referring to any basic site thrown together without much thought – we are talking about a high-class standout website that reflects your professional image exactly as you want it.

Something Different

Invest in yourself so your clients will see greater value in your companionship.

Custom designs can be expensive to create and would usually take weeks, involving endless emails with programmers and a lot of money. Sure, there are free services out there, but your website looks cheap or worse yet – FREE. What will your potential clients think about you? Also, these free services require you to put up with ‘freemium’ ads that distract your visitors and lure them to click away from your site (a big no-no). What we offer instead, is a different product for escorts with high expectations. If you are looking for escort web design that helps build your brand as an exclusive VIP escort and makes your clients go ‘whoa!’, you have come to the right place.

Our Philosophy

Enriching your brand, through our commitment to incredible design.

Our belief is very simple – we want to cut through the bullshit and present escorts with a sleek, elegant and fully-functional escort website, quickly and easily. We believe in high-quality work, and you will notice that our designs are not constrained by a one-size fits-all structure. Each design layout is truly unique as our talented designers have total freedom in their creativity. We are proud to say that they are simply some of the best that you will find in the escort industry. Check out our rave customer reviews, or take a look around your competitors’ webpages and you will notice the difference in quality.

Our approach is simple – you pick a design that you catches your eye, and we take care of the rest (you might have a hard time deciding though!). All the technical stuff such as coding, customisation, domain registration, web hosting and content updates are handled by us – so you can focus on the more important aspects of work. The flexibility is still there, though. Not sure how to update the content to your site? Just leave it with us. Need to cover your tracks from stalkers or your country’s unfriendly laws? No problem, we have the expertise to help you.

Let Us Make It Happen For You

If you have taken the time to read this far, thank you for that.

We are proud of the quality of our designs and customer support, and we would be honored to create or redesign your official website. It’s time to grow your business, charge more for your time, and stand out from the competition. What’s not to like? Let’s get started!

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