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A Selection Like No Other

Looking for something truly different? Our designs are sexy, daring and guaranteed to impress.

What’s better than having the best service in the industry? By having the best designs too, of course! There’s a reason why our templates are unique – you won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach here. We believe in big, bold and beautiful layouts, and being endlessly innovative to showcase you differently from your competitors. In fact, the hardest thing you probably have to do is to decide on a design!

(Tip: Though our designs are mobile compatible, we suggest viewing the demos on your desktop PC for the full experience. Click on each thumbnail to launch the demo site!)

Two Hearts
Classy Minimalist Sliding Display

A stunning minimalist design in the style of Spotlight, “Two Hearts” is a beautiful follow up that is another of our flagship designs, where two halves come together in this creative and polished layout that has to be seen to be believed. Starting with a full page spread to welcome your visitors, each page is opened by sliding panes that come together to form a page. A minimalist and elegant complement to intimate photo shoots!

Inherently dark, inherently mysterious

The Mystique design is an unabashedly sensual creation that does wonders with a minimal color scheme and clean layout. Opens with a stunning intro page with alternating backgrounds and bottom menu, before leading to individual pages with striking headers and smart flexible spacing for lots of content. Best paired with vibrant shots or warm saturated backdrops for a great contrast.

New York Nights
Magic and Mystery of The City After Sundown

The original London Nights design proved to be so popular, we decided to make a follow up in the same spirit, providing an alternative sidebar layout to one of our most enduring designs. “New York Nights” encases your photos in layers of smoky darkened backgrounds, at the same time keeping everything minimal and sexy. (not just for New Yorkers - swap for personalized shots of your home city’s night skylines!)

Blue Valentine
An evocation of luxury, serenity, and beauty

A classy play on royal blue and gold, done in daring Paramour style. This is a one-page scrolling design, with an extremely elegant popup menu and clever popup section for booking instructions. Want to stand apart out with a unique blue palette? It’s rarely done, and done well. We are proud to have pulled off this classy creation. (Bonus points for spotting the Ryan Gosling movie reference!)

Sultry Design With An Extra Dose of Sexiness

You can never have enough dark, sexy designs…right? Well, you asked, and we delivered! “Vixen” is a new layout that takes a widescreen effect to the extreme, with backgrounds that are extra shaded, combined with beautiful fonts to bring about a sublime experience to browsing your site. Suits dark themed shoots and companions who present themselves succinctly (does not work well with long sections of text)

Simplicity and elegance personified

It is no secret that we are believers in elegant designs (more isn’t always better!) The “Milano” layout encapsulates this philosophy perfectly, with a lot of small touches coming together to craft a flowing site that’s a delight to browse. With wide spaces, vibrant imagery, careful choice of cursive lettering, and an innovative “mural-like” main menu, this is a beautiful design that is en route to becoming a Paramour classic!

Exquisite & Sublime Smooth Scrolling Design

One of our favorites – this design was so fun to make, and so fun to use, that we had to convince ourselves to release it to the public! “Connoisseur”, like it’s namesake, is for companions who can appreciate a finely-structured and elegant layout. Pages snap sharply into focus, and a unique 3-column structure allows for your text, a hero image, and menu, to be all on the same page.

Avant-garde Layered with Old-fashioned Glamour.

Originally codenamed Hollywood Starlet while in development (it just gave off that vibe), “Vesper” is a perfect balance of vintage and new world design, with sliding window panes that open up to reveal more information, and the layout provides additional focus on your photos and makes each one count. Irresistible.

Gorgeous Multi-tiered Design that Exudes Luxury

A bona-fide crowd pleaser and one of our favorites! “Glamorous” is a multi-layered, gorgeous design that invites visitors to indulge in your world of pleasure and luxury. Being a widescreen and more ornate theme, this design works best with high-resolution, lavish photo shoots. You also get to a chance to make a focused first impression with a short intro as the first thing your visitors see.

Dark Elegance
Sultry & Dripping With Sex & Sophistication

Experience an interplay of shadows that give the site a mysterious and intimate feel, “Dark Elegance” exudes a smoky feeling of sex and seduction, and is a perfect match for baroque, dark-themed photos. We didn’t expect this layout to be this popular, but it’s gotten a lot of praise since!

Extravagance Literally Revolving Around High Impact Pages

Effortless cool and elegant, “Spotlight” is an extravagant theme that literally revolves around high-impact pages to leave an impression. Every page has a text portion paired with a high resolution image portion to keep the attention of potential clients. This design displays high-resolution photos in a crisp format very well.

Stunning Black & White Modernist Design

Metropolitan” is a stunning black and white modernist design perfect for showcasing low light photos. As a minimalist full-screen theme, this works well with black and white for a high-impact contrast look. We can also make it work with other imagery (just go ahead and ask us!)

Gorgeous Sun-Drenched Design

Exotic locales? Frolicking on a yacht? Say no more – you need to check out “Mediterranean” - this gorgeous sun-drenched design that features seamless sliding transitions. But why limit yourself? This is a very fashionable and versatile layout that can be used with a variety of backdrops and photo types.

The Essence of Elegance in a Three-Tiered Design

For fans of the baroque style of Duchess, but after something similar yet different, we are proud to unveil our “Vienna” design, a companion flanker layout which displays a traditionally luxurious layout with the menu in the center for easy navigation.

Black Lace
Versatile & Seductive In-Your-Face Layout

“Black Lace” is an elegant and versatile design featuring a widescreen intro to seduce your visitors with in-your-face photos. A traditional page-by-page layout that is versatile that accommodates large swaths of text content.

Sexy & Unique Magazine-style Centerfold Spreads

Ever wanted your site to look like a Penthouse spread? Impressively smooth and ultra-classy, “Centerfold” features gentle page transitions and sexy magazine-style spreads. Works best with high-resolution widescreen images, to present moderate areas of text in a page-spread format.

Let Your Photos Take Center Stage

Prefer to show, rather than tell? Or perhaps you have starred in many stunning photo shoots, and each one tells a story in itself? In “Exhibition”, we make sure that your photo albums come first. A great choice if you are not good with flowery words, but would rather let your pictures speak for themselves!

Minimalist Avant-Garde Design

Au naturale? Lightly scented? If these words appeal to the minimalist in you, perhaps you would like to consider “Boutique”, an avant-garde design, with sliding pages against a subtle white backdrop, and photo previews on the fly. Subtle and effective? Yes. Sleek and sexy? You bet!

London Nights
Evoke The Magic & Mystery of The City By Nightfall

An alluring minimalist theme evoking the magic and mystery of the city by nightfall. “London Nights” seduces your visitors with snippets of information about yourself, against the backdrop of a smoky darkened background gallery. Insert some shots of your home city’s skyline at night, for additional flavor!

Regally Beautiful & Intimate Layout

The “Duchess” doesn’t need to try any fanciful tricks to be a captivating website – it’s already in a class of its own and it knows it! Built in a beautiful traditionally structured format, this is a versatile format that can suit almost any companion.