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Our Famous Designs

Looking for something truly different? Our designs are sexy, daring and guaranteed to impress.
You won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach here. We believe in big, bold and beautiful layouts, and being endlessly innovative to showcase you differently from your competitors. In fact, the hardest thing you probably have to do is to decide on a design. We’re spoiling you for choice!

(Tip: Though our designs are mobile compatible, we suggest viewing the demos on your desktop PC for maximum impact. Click the Details link on each to find out more!)

If you like a particular layout, we can use it as a starting point to build your website right away.

  • Two halves come together in this creative and polished layout that has to be seen to be believed.

  • Simplicity and elegance, with a beautiful twist in the menu structure and page presentations.

  • In this long-awaited sequel, experience again the magic and mystery of the city after sundown.

  • How about an extra dose of sexiness? This sultry design sets the stage for some smouldering seductive encounters!

  • Exquisite and sublime, this smooth scrolling design hits all the right notes. Your clients will love it, just as you do!

  • Another avant-garde design that shows off some good old-fashion Hollywood glamour.

  • A gorgeous multi-layered design that invites visitors to indulge in your world of pleasure and luxury.

  • A beautiful white-themed design that is angelic on the outside but gets very naughty on the inside.

  • A dark smouldering design dripping with all the sex and sophistication of an irresistible VIP escort.

  • A cabaret-inspired, exotic red theme featuring a unique and impressive three-dimensional transition effect.

  • An extravagant theme that literally revolves around high-impact pages that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Exotic locales? Frolicking on a yacht? Say no more – you need to check out this gorgeous sun-drenched design.

  • A playful and amorous theme featuring a scrolling front-page gallery that grabs attention immediately.

  • A stunning black and white modernist design perfect for showcasing low light photos.

  • A provocative scarlet theme with shaded vertical blinds showing tantalizing glimpses of yourself.

  • An naughty versatile design featuring a widescreen intro to seduce your visitors with in-your-face photos.

  • A different approach to showcasing yourself, where your photo shoots are the star of the show!

  • An ultra-classy template with gentle page transitions and sexy magazine-style centerfold spreads.

  • An minimalist avant-garde design with sliding page reveals, set against a lightly decorated backdrop.

  • An alluring minimalist theme that evokes the magic and mystery of the city by nightfall.

  • A regally beautiful and intimate layout that doesn’t need to try hard to impress – it’s already in a class of it’s own.