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Professional Copywriting

The power of words
can change a client's
perception of your value.

Good copywriting draws your clients in and increases the premium that your brand commands.

If your text copy is feeling a bit outdated, or if you are having trouble writing something compelling for your new website, we are here to help. You only get one chance to create a good first impression to potential clients, and your website content contributes greatly towards that.

A sloppily written copy riddled with grammar/spelling errors is embarrassing and reflects badly on your brand, and it will be more difficult to convince clients to pay a premium for your companionship. Similarly, even the difference between an “adequate” copy and a “unique” copy can be the key factor in connecting with your clients and drawing them into your world.

As an example, let’s take a look at the copy samples below.

Hello, welcome to my website. I am a brunette standing at 5'10" with a toned body and beautiful blue eyes. I am energetic and adventurous, and I guarantee your experience with me will be unforgettable!”

This is quite serviceable. But given the choice, would you rather it read like this?

"One woman stands apart from all those you have encountered, her statuesque 5'10" chiseled body and mesmerizing blue eyes beckons to you. Her unquencheble lust for passion and adventure will restore your world-weary body and mind."

Although what the content conveys is very similar, the manner in which you convey it is just as important. Creating an aura of class and exclusivity is key in taking your escort brand to the next level, and the top escorts in the world know this very well.

We have worked with newcomers and callgirls who through our service, have transitioned to elite VIP providers able to command higher rates. Never underestimate the power of good copywriting – it can change client perception of your brand and how much they are willing to pay for your companionship.

If you have trouble writing a good copy (or English is not your first language), we can help you create enticing content that reflects your personality.